With the global healthcare market becoming more and more complex, and the number of decision makers involved in patients’ care decisions growing exponentially, those competing in today’s integrated delivery networks (IDN) need to re-think their current sales approaches.

Sales organizations that depend on a transactional based sales approach, where the focus is on presenting as much information about your products or services as possible, or the relationship approach, where it’s all about making friends, need to seriously consider what Mathew Dixon & Brent Adamson have coined as, “The Challenger Approach to sales.” Here the focus is providing solutions tailored to your customers’ business challenges and challenging your customers to take action.

A Challenger Representative is defined by:

  1. The unique ability to teach for differentiation during a sales call
  2. Delivering a tailored message based on their understanding of their customer’s unique economic drivers
  3. Taking control of the sales process by comfortably challenging customers.

So what makes the Challenger Selling Model a perfect fit for organizations selling in the IDN setting? It enables you to build the competitive immunity that comes from becoming an invaluable business partner. By offering your customer tailored business solutions that allow them to be successful, you take the focus from selling based on just price and shift to a more powerful value proposition.

The good news is that selling is a science, a teachable skill, and a process that anyone can learn, but you must provide your sales organization with the tools and training needed to deliver effective selling messages.

How do you do this?

  1. Build content through your respective marketing teams to ensure tight collaboration.
  2. Create messages that are scalable and repeatable.
  3. Be clear that your marketers bear the responsibility of identifying the message that will be of most value to each respective client stakeholder.
  4. Bring the two teams together that must work closely to make your organization’s transition to the Challenger Selling Model successful – Marketing and Sales Training.

There is no question that transitioning to the Challenger Model approach with your complex clients will be key to the future success of your organization, but the close alignment of your sales training and marketing teams will assure that this transition goes smoothly!