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Introduction to Cadence Research & Consulting

Cadence is a communication, research and consulting firm focused on supporting our clients through greater awareness, knowledge and understanding of their markets.  We offer services in three critical areas: medical communications, market research and consulting.  Our innovative approach to project work leverages our capabilities across all three practice areas to drive efficiencies and deeper insights for all our clients.


The heart of Cadence is our people.  Our senior staff members have over 100 years of collective industry tenure as both clients and consultants, which gives us unique subject matter and operational insight to assist our clients.  Their deep expertise in a wide variety of functional areas results in powerful strategic thinking with a practical, real-world mindset. At the end of the day, we think you’ll feel their passion for delivering tangible results that uniquely impact your success.

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Our Story

When is it the right time to break out on your own?  It’s a question that many ask but rarely consider seriously for a variety of reasons…high risk, lack of capital, lucrative alternatives, etc.

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Our approach to the work we do in research, medical communications or consulting, is based on our passion for solving problems and providing impactful solutions. What excites us is helping our clients step through a process of rediscovery of their markets, clients and customers, and potential new business lines.

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Client Feedback

At Cadence the experience our client and teams have is paramount.  We believe it’s what sets us apart in a crowd.  Our approach is based on building long-term partnerships that fuel your success. Every engagement for every client is important to us. Our goal is to make our clients feel that their project is the only one we are working on. Through outstanding execution and an environment that lends itself to the free exchange of feedback and information, we provide a relationship they can trust.

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Press Releases

Read about our latest announcements including how we support our clients with a comprehensive KOL relationship management solution.

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Cadence is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.