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Companies, governments, and investment funds, engaged in innovation efforts, work with us to successfully transform their concepts into commercial ventures.  Healthcare companies, whether pharma, health services, health IT, or med tech, are increasingly looking for growth opportunities outside of their own organizations and skill-sets, but they may not be equipped with processes, competencies, or external networks to properly source innovation. Alternatively, technology companies may have a valuable market solution, but need to partner with an established organization to access its commercial presence and capabilities. Often, clients need related strategic advice outside of any particular transaction.

Such clients turn to us to serve as thought partners, fill gaps in their skill sets, and drive forward the many stages of developing a new venture or relationship. We play a strategy and project management role during the process of deal ideation, diligence, negotiation, execution, and implementation.

A representative sample of recent client engagements follows:

  • Shaping a new venture by defining the offering, clarifying key differentiators, articulating the value proposition for patients, providers and payers, engineering the business model, and defining its progression through the stages of innovation from concept to pilot to commercialization.
  • Identifying a new venture’s competitive landscape – both current and future – and developing offense strategies to capture market share, as well as defense strategies to protect competitive positioning.
  • Scanning for potential in-license or acquisition opportunities and performing initial qualification assessments.
  • Pro forma financial modeling of a new venture with scenario analysis showing the impact on valuation and investment returns of changing key variables.
  • Term Sheet structuring to align interests, reduce risk, provide optionality during development cycles and retain and engage key executives.
  • Performing detailed due diligence of a partner or investment target including the following categories: strategy, financials, sales and marketing, regulatory, intellectual property, legal, human resources, organizational, technology and other domains.