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Asking the right questions to the right people and making sense of it all is at the heart of any market research organization. At the most fundamental level, Cadence Market Research empowers clients to make better-informed decisions about their products throughout its lifecycle. Our technical experience combined with deep subject matter expertise, allow us to offer a wide variety of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies customized to our client’s research objectives, time constraints and budget. In-person, telephone, online surveys, facilitated chat rooms, and message boards are just some of the tools we regularly employ to not only reach the target respondent but also extract key insights to inform the project objectives.

Sugata Biswas
Managing Principal


Our work primarily focuses on four key research categories:

  • Pre-Launch Research
  • Tracking & Market Response Studies
  • Market Access
  • Rare Disease Patient Research
Pre-Launch Research

Cadence has supported numerous product launches through the structured execution of a sequence of market research studies designed to generate key insights.  As the fishbone diagram shows, these studies build upon each other and are designed to inform the launch strategy and it’s tactical implementation.

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Tracking & Market Response Studies

Quantitative research methods are helpful in providing statistical information about research questions so that accurate conclusions can be drawn from the data and findings can be generalized from the sample to a broader population.

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Market Access MR

In today’s complex reimbursement environment, issues regarding the payer landscape, support services, etc. can make the critical difference between a successful product launch and failure. Although true of any mission-critical project, issues regarding reimbursement and market access require project members to have deep expertise to truly identify and extract key insights.

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Rare Disease Patient Research

Working with rare diseases and patients offer unique challenges to market researchers. Combining the two can prove to be an insurmountable task for many.  At Cadence, we have perfected how we work in a very difficult area in terms of recruiting, surveying and insight development.

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Featured Methodology: Clinical Case Forum

The clinical case forum is an opportunity for marketers to witness physician to physician interaction in a small group setting.  This research methodology is based on a physician-moderated focus group format and powered by instant response tools, allowing for the open discussion feel of an advisory board with the precision of a market research study.

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Featured Blog

“Mixology … Blending Methodologies for Today’s Challenges”

Mixed methodologies research offers the best of both worlds: the in-depth, contextualized, and natural but more time-consuming insights of qualitative research coupled with the more-efficient but less rich or compelling predictive power of quantitative research.

Mixologists practice mixology and bartenders tend bar.   Mixologists evolve the field of bartending, creating innovative cocktails the world has never seen.  A bartender serves the drinks that customers order.

It is time for the mixologists in all of us to shake up market research. Questions rarely come in a box and rarely are contained in a single department.  Now is the time to mix up the methodological approach to help all the stakeholders answer their questions. Mixed Methods.  What are they?

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Case Studies

Our expertise in market research is driven by a passion for finding real-world insights that can fuel our client’s success.  Read on to see examples of both qualitative and quantitative research.

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Client Feedback

Client experience is of paramount value.  Our approach to market research is based on customized methodology, seamless communication and a strong commitment to working with our clients’ time and budget constraints. This proven approach has led to innumerable successfully completed projects and long-term clients.

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