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Cadence Medical Communications is designed to consistently deliver top quality services ranging from content development to logistical support.  Services are tailored to each client’s objectives, timing and budget constraint.  Specific offerings range from slide development, content management, KOL management and engagements to advisory board meetings, speaker training meetings and poster sessions.

Susanne Blassingille
Principal, Medical Communications Lead



Medical Content Support

Our team has a high focus on customer service and ensures that the key data and analysis are accurately presented and captured. We use an evidence-based approach and have a robust understanding of our customers’ medical communications objectives. Our content experts have extensive experience in working with complex data and are able to convert them into visual presentations that fulfill our client’s communication needs. In addition, our executive summaries exhibit a clear understanding of our clients’ objectives and provide relevant and actionable solutions. We work continuously and diligently to provide the highest scientific value to our customers.

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KOL Management Services

At Cadence, we have developed strong long-term relationships with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) around the world.  Our high touch, authentic orientation towards working with world-renowned physicians is the backbone of our approach.  Our services include KOL mapping, identification and ranking as well as engagement plans and a unique relationship tracking database system we call Cadence KOL Connect®.

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Logistical Support

The Cadence team organizes numerous meetings every year in the US and globally. Cadence meeting planners enjoy close relationships with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and provide a custom meeting experience that leads to high participant and client satisfaction.  Cadence has extensive experience in live meetings as well as web-based interactions in this field.

Medical Writing Training

Our medical writing team provides outstanding workshops either in person, on-site or through a cost-effective online platform that combines continuing professional education with real-time project consultation. Cadence instructors partner with your professional education coordinator to plan and execute each medical writing workshop to ensure your medical writing staff and projects remain at the highest level of expertise and excellence.

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Featured Blog

“Will the Sunshine Act eliminate bias from the US Healthcare system?”

Whether or not the Sunshine Act will improve or diminish the practice of medicine in the United States remains to be seen. But it will not eliminate the role of bias in the medical field or the pharmaceutical industry. Earlier this year, the Department of Health and Human Services ruled that the so-called “Physician Payments Sunshine Act” (Section 6002 of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act), will go into effect.

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Case Studies

Our success is fueled by the decades of experience we have conducting meetings, particularly in the healthcare arena, at sites around the world.  Read on to see some samples of the types of meetings we deliver.

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Client Feedback

At Cadence the experience our client and teams have is paramount.  We believe it’s what sets us apart in a crowd.  Our approach is based on building long-term partnerships that fuel your success. Through outstanding execution and an environment that lends itself to the free exchange of feedback and information we provide a relationship of trust.

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Scientific Content – Featured White Paper

Our goal in designing the White Paper series is to help our clients receive real scientific value to their projects and get a taste of our medical writing expertise.

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